University of Bath


Details of our upcoming events, including conferences, public lectures, arts performances and exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

  • Water and Sediment: A Cascade across Scales

    19 Apr 2018 1.15PM Chancellors' Building 3.6, University of Bath

    This talk, by Professor Alistair Borthwick, will examine water-sediment processes over multiple space and time scales, ranging from the molecule to the ocean.

  • The invaluable value of water

    26 Apr 2018 6.15PM 5 West 2.4, University of Bath

    In his inaugural lecture, Professor Jan Hofman will talk about the value of water for society and on water security for next generations.

  • Green and Blue Cities

    17 May 2018 1.15PM 3 West 3.7, University of Bath

    Mark Fletcher, Global Water Leader at Arup will give a talk as part of the Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) @ Bath colloquium series.